Monday, March 27, 2017

Grace Beraki x Dashingly Turnham

I'm so excited to finally share this collab. with you guys! 
John Paul Turnham, who is a fashion and lifestyle blogger as well as a long time friend, asked if he could feature me on his blog, Dashingly Turnham, so of course I instantly said yes! 

He told me to dress myself in something true to my style, but to also make a "fashment," as JP calls it. So of course I threw on a silk top, a flirty leather skirt, a pair of greyish nude boots that have a pink glass heel, and my favorite sun glasses. I also left my hair naturally curly for this look.

I had so much fun collaborating with JP and his awesome photographer, Jayare
You'll definitely want to head over to Dashingly Turnham where JP features and briefly interviews me asking me 3 interesting questions (some that I had never even thought of).

FUN FACT: John Paul and I met in elementary school. Kindergarten I believe!

Below is a direct link to check out my feature on Dashingly Turnham's page and where you can check out our brief interview.


Sunglasses - Boutique in Venice

Silk Top - Brandy Melville

Skirt - Zara 

Shoes - Boutique in LA

Photos by - Jayare Tillman

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